Bill Walker

A Note from an Old Acquaintance

Brian Weller is a haunted man. It’s been two years since the tragic accident that left his three-year-old son dead and his wife in an irreversible coma. A popular author of mega-selling thrillers, Brian’s life has reached a crossroads: his new book is stalled, his wife’s prognosis is dire, and he teeters on the brink of despair.

Everything changes the morning an e-mail arrives from Boston artist Joanna Richman. Her heartfelt note brings back all the poignant memories: the night their eyes met, the fiery passion of their short-lived affair, and the agonizing moment he was forced to leave Joanna forever. Now, fifteen years later, the guilt and anger threaten to overwhelm him. Vowing to make things right, Brian arranges a book-signing tour that will take him back to Boston. He is eager to see Joanna again, but remains unsure where their reunion will lead. One thing is certain: the forces that tore their love asunder will stop at nothing to keep them apart.

Filled with tender romance and taut suspense, A Note from an Old Acquaintance is an unforgettable story about fate, honor, and the power of true love.

"A love triangle that transcends time." —Elle Newmark, author of The Book of Unholy Mischief

"Emotional, passionate and poignant, A Note From an Old Acquaintance is a striking read about the power of love."

"...a tender and emotion packed love story." —

"This is one of those romantic stories I can actually picture being adapted into a major motion picture. It's that good!" —

"I loved this book!! It grabbed a hold of me from the beginning and never let go." —

"...amazing, poetic like writing..." —

"A very touching novel that will make your heart ache." —

"...a truly beautiful story that I simply could not put down. —

"The characters are nearly perfect." —

"...a compelling story of love, loss, and the power of art." —

"There were more than a few times that I had tears in my eyes.." —

"The author was able to describe emotions and feelings so well, that at times it was hard to believe this book was written by a man." —

"Heartbreaking and heartwarming! There's nothing like a love story and I enjoyed this book immensely." —

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